MedB is a Diagnostic and Therapy clinic based in the South of Torrevieja, Spain. Since 2011, we have researched and used non-invasive and safe medical technologies and therapies to diagnose and treat diseases. Using Advanced Sensitiv Imago Technology, we perform a detailed and accurate examination of all the organs and systems in the body, and from the detailed results of the scan, we can pinpoint and treat the exact cause of diseases using proven natural and non-toxic remedies.


How The Scan Works:

The technology behind Sensitiv Imago was developed in the early 1980s as part of the Russian Space Program to provide cosmonauts with a portable and complete diagnostic device that could withstand the harsh environment of space and without side effects to the body.    Sensitiv Imago works by measuring electromagnetic frequencies emanating from the body. Every cell, tissue, organs, systems and even diseases have unique frequencies, just as everyone has a unique fingerprint. These frequencies are measured, recorded and then analyzed by a computer program to give an accurate reading of a patient's state of health. The information from the scan is displayed on the screen, allowing the patient to follow along. The diagnostic scan is 96% accurate. 

FULL BODY HEALTH CHECK: Analysis of all body systems (respiratory, circulatory, bones, etc.) Detailed Examination of All organs Detection of microorganisms (virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites ) Biochemical Analysis (hormones, enzymes, elements, etc.) Detection of Toxins and Toxic load of body organs Detection of allergens and their reason Detection of diseases and possible reasons for cause Characterizes functional and organic changes in organs Determination of Acid-Base balances in tissues Chromosomal  analysis Dietary recommendations based on the ABO blood group system   

Body Composition Analysis **NEW**


The cost of Scan is 130 Euros and includes medical consultations and a follow-up scan 3 months later.


Other Available diagnostic scans: ECG EEG 4D Ultrasound ( Coming Soon)





Dr. Machi Mannu:


Dr Mannu is an author, researcher and medical doctor practising natural medicine. He has a keen interest in Diagnostic Medicine and manages MedB Diagnostic Centre, a diagnostic and natural healing centre in Alicante, Spain. Since 2012 he has investigated natural therapies supported by scientific studies, and continues to compile a list of the most effective natural remedies.


Claire Dockerty:

"Hello, I´m Claire & I work with Dr.Mannu here at MedB. I qualified in nursing & midwifery at Sheffield University in 1994. Since then I have worked in various NHS Hospitals & also in New Zealand, specializing In obstetrics, gynecology & emergency care"