Prostate problems, Joint pain, Blood vessel disease - Is there a Connection?

A patient came to us a few days ago for a diagnostic scan complaining of joint pain, of the wrists, knee and hips. He was on medications for his prostate to stop frequent urination. He had also been diagnosed with haemangioma, a benign tumor of the blood vessels which he was told was not yet life threatening. 

Although these problems seem unrelated, there is a likely connection. The joints, prostate gland and blood vessels are affected by collagen deficiency, and to build collagen the body requires the mineral called MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane). Collagen is the main protein that provides support for the bone, joints,skin, nails and the organs. Joint and bone problems are not caused by a lack of calcium in the body, but by a lack of MSM.   Most likely, the root cause of his problems is a deficiency of MSM. There is no doubt that MSM will provide relief for his problems.

Although MSM is found in fresh foods and vegetables, most people are deficient as it is easily destroyed by cooking.  MSM is also lacking in the soil, and for this reason fruits and vegetables no longer contain as much MSM as they did in the past. MSM supplement is essential for all adults.