Young Tissue Extract Helps with Swallowing Problems

We have used Young Tissue Extract in our clinic since we discovered its amazing healing potential over 2 years ago. Young Tissue Extract is an extract of 9 day old fertilized chicken eggs carefully harvested to preserve the delicate proteins inside. 

Young Tissue Extract is unique because it contains all essential amino acids in the right proportion by nature. But even more impressive, is that it contains fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF), a protein that stimulates stem cells to transform into brand new tissue.

We all have stem cells in our bodies, which are brand new undifferentiated cells that can transform into organs that are damaged. 

A patient came to us around January 2016, about 2 months ago with a history of difficulty swallowing. She had been unable to eat solid food for over a year, and the hospital treatment to dilate the oesophagus had failed all the time. 

The primary finding from the scan we performed was degeneration of the nerve endings, among many other problems. 

We recommended YTE and other medications and since then the dilatation of the oesophagus has been twice successful to the amazement of the doctors, and she is started to eat solid food. She has also put on about a stone in weight.

YTE regenerates damaged tissue, and would have helped regenerate the damaged nerves of the oesophagus which has made it possible for the procedure to work, and for her to start eating solid foods.