Prostate problems, Joint pain, Blood vessel disease - Is there a Connection?

A patient came to us a few days ago for a diagnostic scan complaining of joint pain, of the wrists, knee and hips. He was on medications for his prostate to stop frequent urination. He had also been diagnosed with haemangioma, a benign tumor of the blood vessels which he was told was not yet life threatening. Although these problems seem unrelated, there is a likely connection. The joints, prostate gland and blood vessels are affected by collagen deficiency, and to build collagen the b..

Young Tissue Extract Helps with Swallowing Problems

We have used Young Tissue Extract in our clinic since we discovered its amazing healing potential over 2 years ago. Young Tissue Extract is an extract of 9 day old fertilized chicken eggs carefully harvested to preserve the delicate proteins inside. Young Tissue Extract is unique because it contains all essential amino acids in the right proportion by nature. But even more impressive, is that it contains fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF), a protein that stimulates stem cells to transform i..

Is Your High Blood Pressure Caused by Gastroenteritis?

High Blood Pressure is not a disease. When your blood pressure is high, it certainly does not mean that something is wrong with your heart. The same way that suffering from a headache doesn't mean that you have something wrong with your brain. A very common cause of high blood pressure is infections of the stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder and other abdominal organs. These infections are usually caused by bacteria, fungi or sometimes even viruses. Worm infestations are also more co..

5 Causes of Hair Loss

Nutrient Deficiency: The hair follicle or hair root is living, and requires nutrients to push hair outwards. Hair however, is regarded as non-essential, and in periods of scarcity, nutrients are diverted to other more important organs such as the kidneys and the liver. Some of the nutrients needed to maintain hair growth include Vitamins A, B, C, iron, zinc, manganese, copper and essential fatty acids. Eating a healthy balanced diet will provide the body with most of the minerals that ..

Beware of Painkillers

Painkillers are probably the most abused medications. Every year hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized, and many thousands lose their lives from the complications and long-term harmful effects of painkillers. Painkillers should never be taken for more than a few weeks continuously without finding out the main cause of the pain. Unfortunately, many people continuously take painkillers for months and even years. The biggest problem with painkillers is the damage they cause the ..

Grounding and Electricity

To stay healthy, your body has to generate an adequate amount of electricity. Deep inside the body, charged particles called electrons maintain the flow of electricity. And disease occurs when the body has low levels of charged particles or electrons. Fresh fruits and vegetables donate charged particles or electrons to the body while processed foods and toxic chemicals steal electrons from the body. Walking bare feet on the ground or floor will donate electrons to the body and help maintain your..

How To Treat Constipation

Constipation is a common health problem, but also easy to treat. Constipation is a condition in which bowel motions are incomplete, infrequent and difficult to pass. Some of the common causes of constipation are medications especially painkillers, unhealthy diets lacking in fibre and dehydration. Chronic health problems such as thyroid disease can also cause constipation. The underlying cause of constipation, however, is a deficiency of magnesium. Constipation is treated easily with magnesi..

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel syndrome is a medical label for recurrent abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea or constipation. The diagnosis is made in the absence of a thorough medical investigation to determine the cause of the problems. The common causes of irritable bowel syndrome include food allergies, nutrient deficiencies, low grade infections of the stomach and intestines and toxic overload. Proper treatment of Irritable bowel syndrome starts with a full body diagnostic scan to determine the cause of the..

Poor Circulation and Atherosclerosis

Circulation disorders are a common occurrence today and typically predisposes the sufferer to heart diseases such as heart failure, heart attack and stroke. The heart, arteries and veins make-up the circulation system. The arteries carry blood rich in oxygen and nutrients from the heart to the tissues and organs, and the used up blood returns to the heart through the veins. While problems with the arteries and veins can affect circulation, it is the veins that are noticeab..

What´s Behind the rise in Skin Problems?

In the past few weeks, we have noticed at our MedB clinic, a dramatic increase in the number of people coming to us with skin problems such as lesions, discolorations and itchiness. Causes: From the diagnostic scans performed at MedB clinic, we have observed that the underlying cause of many skin problems is microorganisms, especially the virus papillomavirus found mostly on the hair and skin, but sometimes also inside the organs. Signs and Symptoms: The..

Why Do We Suffer Stomach and Intestinal Ulcers?

Stomach and intestinal ulcers are fairly common problems that can give rise to serious complications if not treated properly. An ulcer is a medical term for a ´wound´ or ´sore´ which can be outside of the body such as a cut on the skin, or inside of the body such as a stomach ulcer. Causes: We now know that the underlying cause of abdominal ulcers is a bacteria, Helicobacter pylori. However, other microbes including fungi and viruses can also cause..

Intestinal Parasites are more Common than You Think

There is a general misconception that parasites and the illnesses they cause, only occur in third world countries where the standard of living is low, and people live in filthy unhygienic surroundings; this is not so true. Recent technological advancement in medical diagnostics now shows that parasitic infestations are more common place than previously thought. Parasites can range from microscopic single cell protozoa to worms that are 15 feet long. The most widely spread pro..

Is Soy Good for You?

When fermented soy is eaten in moderate amounts, it can be beneficial to health. Unfortunately, soy products sold in health shops and supermarkets are highly processed, and non fermented forms of soy. Soy is consumed traditionally in Asia in small amounts, especially in Japan, and was relatively unknown everywhere until very recently. Soy became popular when it was hyped as the reason for Japanese longevity. However, Europeans now consume a lot more soy than the Japanese, who only eat..

Q and A - Pain on Left Calf

I’m 65 years, and in the last 20 years I’ve had worsening pain in my left calf. The pain is not always there but appears when I walk for a short while. I also have pain in my hips occasionally, but not in any of my other joints. I´ll be happy to hear your opinion. In my experience when people have complained of the same problem, our diagnostic scan has revealed problems with the blood vessels of the legs. And usually the problem we detect is narrowing and hardening ..

How to find information about your medications

If you have been prescribed medication, it is important that you find out as much as you can about the medication. The internet makes this quite a simple process, and it may save your life. Prescription drugs usually go by two different names. There is the Pharmacological name, which is the name of the active ingredient of the drug, and the Brand or Trade name, which is the name given to the drug by the manufacturer. For example, Paracetamol is the name of the active ingredient in the b..

Simple Remedy For Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common complaint, and many people take acid suppressing medications such as omeprazole for relief. Nevertheless most people who take acid suppressing medications do not get any relief from them, rather they develop other side effects. Many people do not get any relief from The stomach requires acid to function properly. Stomach acid is necessary for activating many nutrients, and also for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Stomach acid also destroys harmful ..

Common Bacteria Becoming Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs

Antibiotic resistant bacteria has been of great concern since it was first noticed many years ago. Many well known antibiotics are no longer as effective as they were in the past. Recently scientists discovered that the genes that promote antibiotic resistance in bacteria can easily be shared among bacteria that cause many hospital resistance infections. According to Dr Dantas, senior author of the study, '' Carbapenems are one of our last resorts for treating bacterial i..

Health Tip - Coconut Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian remedy involving swishing coconut oil in the mouth to remove toxins from the body, especially the mouth and teeth. "Sometime ago I was suffering with a tooth ache, I had heard of oil pulling and did a little research. I found many people claimed oil pulling was curing their dental problems, relieving pain, and that it had many other health benefits too. After pulling myself ( Pardon the expression!) I too can now testify that when I swished with coconut ..

How Drinking Water helps avoid kidney problems

Analysis of our full body scans show that patients who do not drink enough water daily usually have a lot of disorders in their kidneys such as: inflammation of the kidneys, stones and cysts in the kidneys and enlargement of the kidneys. In addition we also pick up high levels of contaminants such as mercury, lead, mycotoxins and insecticides. These complications are also seen when people take a lot of medications. We find that when these patients start drinking water and we repeat the s..

How Serrapeptase Helped a Patient stop his blood pressure medications

Joe came to us complaining of pain in his joints and abdomen and headache. He had been on blood pressure medications ( amlodipine and furosemide ) for the past 3 years. After the scan we picked up active microbes - E. coli, Actinomyces, Streptococcus as well as cytomegalovirus in his joints. He had inflammation of his cardiovascular, neuroendocrine and immune systems, as well as his kidneys. In addition, the scan showed that he had atherosclerosis - hardening of the arteries - in h..

Brand New Website Design

Welcome to our new website. We have redesigned our website with a responsive format,which means it is easy to view on any smaller devices - mobile phone, tablets, etc. We are now hosting with Adobe servers and so the website is expected to be online 99.99% of the time. In addition, the website is now running an Adobe BC engine, which will enable us communicate more efficiently with our clients and patients. patients. We have added a Live Chat feature to enable us answer your questions ..

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