MedB is a centre for medical diagnostics and therapy. Established in 2011, MedB performs full body diagnostic scans using advanced non-invasive technologies and treats diseases using chemicals found naturally in the human body.


We perform several scans to assess the health status of our patients. These scans include a full body diagnostic scan to determine in detail a person’s state of health, a body composition analysis to check nutritional status and a check for vital signs.

Our diagnostic scans take approximately one hour. The full body diagnostic scan takes 50 minutes, and the Body Composition Analysis and check for vital signs take about 5 minutes each. A few days later the patient returns for a review of the report. During this consultation, the full diagnostic report is explained and a therapy recommended. The consultation takes 20 minutes, and the patient receives the full printed diagnostic report and recommended therapy. We encourage our patients to review the report at home and share it with their care provider to fully digest the information before deciding to commence with the therapy.

A follow-up scan (included in the price of the first scan) is performed three months after the initial scan and provides detailed comparative information indicating the rate of healing since the first scan. A report of the follow-up scan is provided to the patient.


We believe in non-invasive diagnostic analysis of the human body; therefore, we use the most advanced non-invasive computerised technology available today. By measuring and analysing electromagnetic frequencies in the body, our diagnostic technology examines all the tissues, organs and systems in the body to determine not only the diseases that may be occurring but most importantly the actual cause of the disease. The technology is an, EU, ISO, and FDA approved, certified and accredited medical diagnostic technology.

The Checks includes:

  • Detailed Examination of all organs and systems
  • Detection of microorganisms (virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc.)
  • Blood and Biochemical analysis (hormones, enzymes, chemicals, etc.)
  • Detection of Toxins (mercury, lead, cadmium, pesticides)
  • Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy test
  • Analysis of Nutrient Composition
  • Detection of diseases and possible complications
  • Detection of state of inflammation and degeneration of tissues and organs
  • Chromosomal analysis
  • Dietary recommendations based on the ABO blood group system



The body composition Analyser uses an 8-point Sensor technology, the most advanced of its kind, to perform a detailed assessment of the body and provide specific information about the nutritional status and composition of the human body. Vital health signs are also carried out using state of the art technology.

These Checks include:

  • Body Fat Control
  • Hydration Status
  • Skeletal Muscle Weight
  • Inorganic Salt Content
  • Target Weight
  • Weight
  • Waist-Hip Ratio
  • Height
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Basic Metabolism
  • Pulse Rate
  • Protein Weight
  • Oxygen Saturation



At MedB we choose to use chemicals that are found naturally in the body and backed by scientific research, to heal diseases in our patients. Since our inception in 2011, we have analysed the healing effects of these compounds and determined the most potent and genuinely effective natural chemicals to use in our therapy.

In our research of these natural chemicals, we have not only relied on how well our patients feel after therapy but also studied the healing effects of these compounds on their organs and systems with the aid of our advanced diagnostic technology.

We have developed a healing protocol as first-line therapy that recommends a base of 3 essential natural chemicals required to heal, manage and improve the state of health of the patient. Most people will require only the first line treatment, while those with more chronic problems may require further therapy.

The Cost of the Scans and the follow-up scans is 150 Euros


MedB is a licensed centre for natural health and authorized distributors of healthcare products and technologies. We are experienced and fully licensed health care professionals – doctors and nurses and trainers of healthcare providers. MedB publishes a monthly print and online health magazine with the aim to educate the public on disease prevention and healthy lifestyles. MedB has developed proprietary online technologies and applications for communicating and sharing data and information with our patients.

Dr. Machi Mannu

Dr. Mannu is a medical doctor, researcher, and author. He practices a natural and scientific approach to healthcare using the best of the world’s leading non-invasive technologies and carefully selected natural remedies backed by scientific research. Dr. Mannu, a British National resident in Spain, has many years of medical experience working in hospitals across the world. He has a keen interest in non-invasive medical diagnostics and earlier in his career carried out studies on
children with ADHD where he first gained experience with non-invasive diagnostics using neuro-feedback technology. He is the editor of the MedB Health magazine and writes weekly articles for the Courier newspaper in Spain. He has a keen interest in clinical Applications and has developed Applications to speed up and improve clinical administration and clinical data collection. He is passionate about the education and healing of humanity’s health.

Claire Dockerty

Claire Dockerty is a MedB diagnostician and medical assistant. She has a degree in nursing and midwifery and has worked in several hospitals in England and New Zealand gaining valuable experience in all aspects of patient care. Claire is passionate about natural healing, patient care, and health education. She writes a monthly article for the MedB health magazine.

Barbara Hagen

Barbara Hagen handles all administrative functions at MedB. She has many years’ experience working as an administrator in Spain. She speaks English, Spanish, Dutch, and German. Barbara is passionate about natural health and has many years of experience investigating and studying natural healthcare practices. She writes a monthly healthy food recipe article for the MedB health magazine.