• Colloidal Silver Gel

    Colloidal Silver Gel(137 Grams)




    Colloidal Silver Gel is one of the very few ointments in use in the world today that treats a wide range of skin diseases caused by viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites. Colloidal Silver Gel contains colloidal silver ions suspended in a gel.

    Colloidal Silver is a potent antibiotic ointment. It destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and mites. Colloidal Silver also speeds up the healing of wounds. From the diagnostic scans performed at MedB Clinic, we know that most skin problems are caused by viruses as well as parasites and mites.

    The problem is that the ointment recommended by conventional doctors are typically antibacterial agents that have no effect on viruses and parasites. Colloidal Silver is also effective against fungal infections such as chronic nail infections.

    Colloidal Silver is one of the most effective natural anti-microbial agents and has the capability to disable over six hundred and fifty types of bacteria, fungi and viruses. When used in gel form the antibacterial qualities stay longer on the skin and are more effective. Furthermore, they have a lower pH level than the solution based Colloidal Silver which is more suitable for some conditions.


    What does it treat?

    It is used to treat a wide range of skin infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

    Why is it better

    We have observed from our scans at MedB that most skin problems have infections as an underlying cause. And the microbes responsible can be bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites. Nearly always conventional doctors will treat a skin problem with an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory agent.  Prescription antibiotics are usually only effective against bacteria that is if they even work. And they are not effective against viruses, and fungi. Many skin problems are caused by viruses such as papilloma and herpes viruses which can be destroyed with Colloidal Silver Gel. 

    Anti-inflammatory creams will suppress the body’s immune system, thin the skin and encourage the growth of microbes.

    How to use Colloidal Silver Gel

    Apply the gel on the affected area 5 or more times daily. Fungi can be resistant to treatment, and continuous contact of the gel on the lesion or infected area of the skin is necessary to completely eradicate the infection.

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