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"I am so happy to have you, as you know I had a triple heart bypass years ago and had been on medication since then. I was on tablets for my nerves, vertigo, sleeping, blood pressure, and herpes, about twelve a day in total. I felt I had one foot in the grave; I never had any energy to do anything. I decided to change my diet, come off all my medication, but I was so afraid because I was doing this without help, as Normal Doctors are so against this. Then thank God, my friends gave me your magazine, I was on the phone with you that night, and you booked me in for a scan on the next day. From then on it’s been great as you have helped me. I feel fantastic. I do the things I did when I was in my thirty's, ride a bike, jog, use a trampoline. Whereas before I was on medication and a bad diet  "

Della Upsher